Save time organising your pub quiz.

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What's included in a printable quiz package?

  • Printable quiz — 8 rounds * 8 questions
  • Printable answer sheets
  • Money back guarantee

How much is it? Pay what you can

Quiz nights are often important fundraisers so if you are organising a quiz for a not-for profit or charity organisation there's no obligation to pay anything.

For others, any contribution you can make will be much appreciated and will help us to continue supporting fundraisers by offering quiz packages on a pay what you can basis.

How does it work?

Step 1. Personalise your quiz

Choose questions from a local quizmaster who knows your audience. Select the categories you're interested in and adjust the difficulty.

Step 2. Confirm and pay what you can

When you are happy with your quiz and if you can afford to make a contribution you can do so via our secure payment processor Stripe.

Step 3. Print!

We've helped over 500 pub quizzes in the U.K, Ireland and beyond.

"... a great time saver for people looking to organise a good Table Quiz but is short of free time."

Stephen Meyler

"I was asked to organise a quiz as fundraiser for a local sports centre. I was delighted to find your website as it saved me so much time."

Helen Brady, Ireland

"...takes the pressure and headache out of setting the questions."

Bernie McCoy, Educate Together secondary school, Kilkenny