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Round 1:

  • 1. Which American physicist is known as "the father of the atom bomb"?
  • 2. Which notable doctor and ex-politician dueted on piano with Aretha Franklin at a Philadelphia fund-raising concert?
  • 3. Who is the only U.S President to serve two non consectutive terms?
  • 4. Since 2011, John Boehner has held which position in the US senate?
  • 5. In July 2013, which rumbling volcano in Mexico caused U.S airlines to cancel all flights in and out of Mexico City and Toluca airports?
  • 6. In July 2013, who was the winner of the German Grand Prix?

Round 2:

  • 7. Carson City is the capital of which US state?
  • 8. The capital of US state of Arkansas sounds like a description of a small stone. Can you name it?
  • 9. Barack Obama has scrapped which space programme, intended to send US astronauts back to the moon in order to save money?
  • 10. Which rubber-based product was patented in the United States in 1869?
  • 11. The PGA Tour will implement a global ban on which type of golfing stroke from 1 January 2016?
  • 12. Which media celebrity launched her perfume 'Kissable' in July 2013?

Round 3:

  • 13. In what US state is Area 51, the secret air force base where aliens are dissected, according to conspiracy theorists?
  • 14. Which musical instrument was former US president Bill Clinton famous for playing?
  • 15. On which island will you find Suffolk County?
  • 16. Which US state has become the 17th to abolish the death penalty in 2012?
  • 17. In July 2013, which President was removed by the Egyptian Army after massive demonstrations were held across Egypt calling for his resignation from office?
  • 18. In October 2013, who won the Korean Grand Prix?

Round 4:

  • 19. What well known 102-story landmark was finished in New York in 1931?
  • 20. What does the WD stand for in the name of the popular lubricating spray WD-40?
  • 21. Name the US general and commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan sacked by Barack Obama in 2010?
  • 22. New York is made up of five districts, Manhattan, Richmond, Brooklyn, Bronx and which other?
  • 23. In June 2013, in which Northern Irish city did thousands of people join in a mass live recording of 'Danny Boy' in an attempt to set a world record?
  • 24. In July 2013, who became the Acting President of Egypt?

Round 5:

  • 25. What name is given to food prepared in accordance with Jewish ritual?
  • 26. Which Hollywood actress's autobiography is called Little Girl Lost?
  • 27. Which former US President said "I'm not a crook..."?
  • 28. Of which vegetable did Mark Twain claim "it's nothing but a cabbage with a college education"?
  • 29. In June 2013, who won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone?
  • 30. At Wimbledon in 2013, who beat Serena Williams in the 4th round knocking her out of the competition?

Round 6:

  • 31. What is the minimum age you need to be to become president of the U.S?
  • 32. What does the J stand for in pop star JC Chasez’s name?
  • 33. What is the capital of the American state of Wisconsin?
  • 34. According to common market rules, what has to bend 1cm for every 20cm length?
  • 35. Who beat Rafael Nadal in the first round of Wimbledon in June 2013?
  • 36. A lock of which singer songwriters hair fetched £4,000 at auction in July 2013?

Round 7:

  • 37. Which saint was born in the Italian town of Assisi?
  • 38. Which U.S politician is nicknamed the Governator?
  • 39. In which US state would you find Disneyland?
  • 40. Which former US first lady died in July, aged 93?
  • 41. Which North Sea oil production platform was remembered on the 6th July 2013, 25 years after an explosion ripped through the rig marking the deadliest offshore oil-rig disaster in history?
  • 42. Who is the current President of the FA, the governing body of football in England? (Sept 2013)?

Round 8:

  • 43. In which US state is Kilauea, the world's most active volcano?
  • 44. Which two countries make up Iberia?
  • 45. Which geological fault line runs the length of California?
  • 46. Whose 2010 memoir was called Decision Points?
  • 47. What is the Capital of Latvia?
  • 48. Which 90's British girl band was Lousie Nerding a member of?

Round 9:

  • 49. What causes Baker's itch?
  • 50. According to the US postal service and the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee, what kind of person shall not be honoured on a US postal stamp?
  • 51. Name the two countries in the world with the most nuclear reactors?
  • 52. Who is the Current U.S Defence Secretary?
  • 53. What does the Scoville scale measure?
  • 54. The sitcom The Big Bang Theory is set in which university?

Round 10:


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